06 Regular Show Script

Regular Show Class Script

Storyboard this with no less and no more than 60 panels.

Create and animatic with sound in FLASH.

Step 01
Read the script

Step 02
Thumbnail you ideas

Step 03
Record sound and drop it into Flash.

Step 04
Roughs--check your timing with the sound--how is it paced.

Step 05
Look for places to plus your work, do you need to add any antics?

Step 06
Refine and Cleanup



Pops, High Five Ghost, MuscleMan, Rigby, and Mordacai sit around the dining room table eating breakfast. A shoebox sits on the table in front of Rigby, he’s resting his hand on it as he explains.

So what I’m trying to say here, is 
that there are a lot of unsavory 
characters who would love to see me 
dead. Along with every one I know.

Dude?! What did you do?

Rigby opens the box. Inside are 5 small round devices with buttons on them. They almost look like pedometers. He hands them out to everyone.

Doesn’t matter. Just take these.
They’re cloaking devices. Put them 
in your pockets.

Great. This is just fantastic. So
what? We’re being hunted by 
alien mercenaries now?

Well, Probably not. This is just a 
precautionary measure.

Suddenly a small alien wearing an exoskeleton (think Krang from the original 80’s TMNT cartoon) bursts through the roof into the room with two larger versions of himself. (his henchmen)

Well lookie here. Kill them all!

Oh crap! Run!

Rigby and the guys dart into the kitchen and take cover from the aliens lazer fire. Rigby pulls a gun from the shoe box and returns fire, hands Mordacai the gun, then sneaks outside, around the house, and into the front door where he takes out the aliens from behind them. He tosses shovels to Muscleman and High Five Ghost.

Muscle Man. You and High bury those
aliens in the backyard. I’m going 
to go watch Really Real Wrestling with Pops.

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